Youthfulness is based on capacity and character and also ideology… Being ready and  boosted with the innate capacity to make impact is a treasure that can be counted on as massive #Assurance among every youth and this is really a thing to believe in as it can be worked on and achieved if blessed with the opportunity in a surrounding that is turbulent like the African community.

Youths especially in Africa most populous nation, Nigeria use these features to carve a niche in every respectable way suitable to a responsible youth mostly through entertainment which is the biggest and yet not fully tapped industry in the country.

Assurance has rooted them to the believe that this industry and with every available help and exploration can expose and to a big extent determine the progress of the future making it relevant and a powerful more than just to the nation but to the world.

I saw a post notifying the most needed amenity for our youths as an excellent power supply and a responsible supply of data…

This is really fantastic but can be tried out to also build the #Assurance that can guarantee the future of the next powerful youth from our corridors today.




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